Vendor Privacy Policy & Terms Of Service

The Stuart Green Market Vendors website and social media accounts were donated for the sole purpose of supporting vendors. This is a non-profit endeavor.

The information submitted to this website will used solely for the purpose of this website and the associated social media accounts.

Images and writing shared may be used on Stuart Green Market Vendor Social Media pages by the CDG website development and social media teams for the purpose of generating engagement around and support for the vendors and market.

Vendors do not have permission to use other vendors or creators work (pictures or text you did not create on your own) on any other platform. Vendors do have permission to link to any page of the Stuart Green Market website or social media accounts from their website, social media, ads or any other source.

Please do not share any information you wish would not appear on the website or social media platforms.

Private contact information shared for the purpose of communicating with website development and social media teams will be kept private. This information is identified in the form as "for Private Follow-up."

Your personal email address and contact details will not be shared with anyone.